A little New Orleans in Santa Barbara

A little New Orleans in Santa Barbara

cropped-palace-logo-smOn my recent trip out west I made a stop in Los Angeles to visit some great new friends. They were so excited to take us to their favorite spot in Santa Barbara, which is a short drive from Los Angeles proper. So you might think as I did some great California chic cuisine; you know fish served atop Kale!! To my surprise we landed at the Palace Grill. Opened since the late 80’s and features authentic Louisiana specialties such as Jambalaya, Crawfish Etouffee and so many other dishes. I had the amazing lamb chops and we all shared their Creole-Italian pasta. To keep the California staff on par with The French Quarter feel, the Palace routinely flies its staff to New Orleans to experience the essence of this great city that has inspired the spirit of the Palace Grill.

The Palace has been a favorite of such legends as Julia Child, Wolgang Puck, several dignitaries and 5 U.S. Presidents. Since I was celebrating my birthday it was the perfect place to do this. Not only did I get a delicious chocolate cake dessert but the entire restaurant along with the wait staff participates in a nightly sing-a-long to Louis Armstrong’s iconic song- “What a Wonderful World” complete with wait staff toasting everyone. I give the Palace Grill 5 stars on the Mezza Scale!!!!


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