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Live Life Pain Free…Medical Sports Massage of Sandy Springs: By Denise Leslie and Jackie Grund

Live Life Pain Free…Medical Sports Massage of Sandy Springs:  By Denise Leslie and Jackie Grund

What does massage really do?    This week on the Blog and on my  Show Mezza Live on Ui Media Network we are exploring the origins of Massage its benefits to not only your physical body but your mind as well.

Our guest blogger, Denise Leslie, owner of Medical Sports Massage in Sandy Springs Ga is here to explain how her practice is different from so many spas and gyms.   The only way to find out was to make a visit to her center.    When you walk through the doors you do feel that spa atmosphere but know that all the therapists at Medical Sports Massage have their Medical BS in Sports/Science and are considered Practitioners.   At the center, they not only help you with sports injuries but go deeper into why?  Is your injury from inflammation, nerve, depression, anxiety, or stress.    After interviewing Denise, she mentioned that some issues can stem from Anxiety or Stress.   Here is something from our interview about that subject:

Defining the disorder

The first step is to understand what anxiety is & its impact on  the mind & body,

Fear, Uncertainty Isolation, Dread, the emotions that anxiety conjures are familiar to everyone.

My study indicated that with the absence of anxiety people would struggle to anticipate and avoid danger.  Anxiety is another word for fear, and fear is essential for survival.

I want to differentiate STRESS from ANXIETY

Stress is the cause or source of anxiety/   interpretation or perception

Anxiety is the brain, & body’s response to that stressor.  This is the emotional response to the perception.

To illustrate the differences, I would like to describe two people in quarantine during covid19. Both will

Interpret the quarantine as a source of stress. But their emotional reaction to covid19 that is the

amount of internal distress or arousal they experience may be dramatically different. The emotional

reaction is anxiety. Worry, meanwhile, is a thought process that fuels the anxiety. Worry is the

anticipation of the treat. Worry is when you have a thought that builds on another, then another, and

escalates your anxiety.  Whether anxiety is triggered by stress, or worry- or a mixture of both it activates

the body’ emergency response system. The pulse quickens, the muscles grow tense, digestion slows,

immune cells release pro-inflammatory molecules that can help repair wounds and repel infections in

case of an injury. These are just a few examples of the internal shifts the human body undergoes in

response to anxiety, and these responses are designed to help you escape danger. These shifts are

driven by fluctuations in stress-related hormones namely cortisol and epinephrine. Depending on the

duration and intensity of the anxiety a person experiences this can be mild or severe.

In the brain, anxiety is associated with the activation of a diverse array of structures and networks. These

Patterns of the brains activity will vary depending on the type of anxiety felt.




Are examples of different types of anxiety .  The cascade of effects that anxiety induces can in most

Cases lead to health problems or dysfunction. When cortisol reaches receptors in organs throughout

The body it can bind to DNA and alter gene expression This is one way by which anxiety will affect the

Function of tissues, and organs causing pain, GI dysfunction, and many acute turn chronic ailments.

When it comes to mental health disorders there is a link between anxiety & depression. The connection

Between the two are complicated, however, they are absolutely intertwined.    Denise and her team can put together a wellness plan for you.

As far as my visit, I went in for a reflexology and detox session.    It was short of amazing and found out that I had liver waste buildup that needed to be cleansed from my body.   This treatment Can Detox your joints, clean liver, spleen, balance your PH and increase immunity to seasonal allergies.   I am definitely coming back for more and maybe even try Cryo -Therapy which gives you benefits for Sports Fitness, Pain Relief and Beauty.   Join us This Thursday May 21st at 4PM for a live talk with owner Denise Leslie for even more great tips and information on the benefits of massage.   To reach Medical Sports Massage click here


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