Look Good Feel Good Plan B: By Jacqueline Grund

Look Good Feel Good Plan B:  By Jacqueline Grund


This time in our lives is so unprecedented.  To be locked down in your home like a house arrest.   Not to have access to your favorite go-to spots such as your nail salon,  facial dermatologist, and of course your hairdresser.   These are people that I thought would always be there to keep me looking great into my middle and golden years.   Now incomes a virus which basically devastates not only our health, and our economy but our look as well.   So what’s a girl to do???? Head to Plan B.

What is Plan B.   Plan B is ordering acetone to take off those fake nails, filing and putting on a new spring shade of polish.   Plan B is buying Kerotin shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking smooth and adding a detox color spray from the Dry Bar (oh how I miss that place)  to cover your grey’s.  Not showing my roots!!!  Plan B is also purchasing a cool wig/hat from an amazing company down in Florida called JMC  hair and wig salon  ( 954-975-5760) for when you want to change it up a bit.      Plan B is also buying a trimer and using tweezers to keep those brows in shape and Plan B is also giving yourself a weekly peel and facial.  So even though our great services have ceased to exist for us it does not mean that we should not keep up with ourselves.   You owe it to yourself…..

When it comes to looking good during lockdown I choose my favorite gym work playline Peach.   You can find them on the shopping page of the Mezza.   I decided to join Peach literally on New Year’s Eve only days after my total hip replacement.   Wow-what a great line of not only workout wear but cross over pieces as well.  With the emerging trend of wearing more athleisure wear, I knew that this line would be perfect for the Mezza Shopping Page and my followers.    Here is their story from a section of their Website:

Peach’s Mission is to help you and your community thrive — from the inside out and the outside in.

They build this philosophy into everything they do, creating a new kind of a company made for women by women.

Their clothing is designed to make you feel your best from morning ’til night, in style and in comfort.    

Their goal as a company is that you reach for Peach all the time because of how it makes you feel and the versatility it brings into your every day. As we think about what planet we’d like to leave behind for future generations, their hope is that you will discover you want more Peach but need less apparel overall.

They make premium, versatile apparel for women’s daily wear.  Their head designer, Daniela Bascunan, came to Peach with experience from such labels as Spanx, Victoria Secret, Under Armour, and L.L. Bean.   She has always known she was going to be a fashion designer from the early age of 12.   With great influence from both her grandmothers she has fulfilled her dream.   She finds her inspiration from the World around her.  She loves when she see’s someone wearing her designs.  It just validates her life work.  

Peach is defined by high-quality performance and sports-inspired fabrics to make clothes you can take from walking the dog, to work, to dinner with a simple change of shoes or accessories. They mix fresh, seasonal collections with our core offering of essentials – the 20% of your wardrobe that you wear 80% of the time that deserves the premium quality and comfort you afford your trend pieces.


They feel a deep sense of responsibility for the human, animal and environmental impact of their products.

They are proud of their suppliers who call the U.S., China, Sri Lanka and Peru their home.  They  know the people behind the factories and they know they treat their workers well.

In fact, some of their relationships are decades old, and most of them employ inspiring women supporting their families and communities.

Peach creates shopping experiences that are convenient, fun, personal and nourishing to their community.

Remember when shopping was a fun thing you did with friends? Or when you had a local boutique that knew you so well?

Their innovative social selling business model enables cool women (like you!) to bring their clothes to you anywhere you want them. It is like shopping your favorite boutique when and where you want – at gatherings, pop-ups, by text, email or one-on-one. They put humanity back into retail.

The company they are building is one you want to have in your world.

As they were creating a workplace and product based on values of authenticity, whole-heartedness, inspiration, thoughtfulness, and innovation, they realized they needed to share their approach beyond their walls.  They have designed a personal development program called Thrive that they share with all their stylists, business partners and YOU.

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back.

They rise by lifting others. This is Their ethos and it has informed how they do everything. For example, They encourage collaboration over competition, they seek out product partners led by women, and they give back to charitable foundations that empower women.

This week on Mezza Live we will be interviewing one of the Executive Directors with the Company, Ms. Michelle Melnick.   Join us this Thursday April 23rd at 4PM Eastern Standard time on the Ui Media Network at




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