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Love your Body Month on the Mezza: “Unexpected Beauty”

Love your Body Month on the Mezza:   “Unexpected Beauty”

In Celebration of Love your Body Month I am excited to be announcing this new Product line from my India Hicks Collection.  This line is coming out just at the right time.   It is very on trend to be showing off how healthy you are…forget the labels it’s all about being glowing and fabulous.

India, who just turned 50 and lives most of the time in the Tropics, decided to create this fantastic organic skin care for herself as well as for you.  Unexpected Beauty was created by India Hicks herself and beauty legend Catherine Walsh who has worked with the Estee Lauder Companies.   Unexpected Beauty is labeled as Hi-tech natural with plant-based ingredients.  It is great for all skin types and all ages.   There are no parabens and the line is made right here in the USA in Southern California. There are 5 products in the line.  This is something that India wanted a simple regimen.  Indispensable Cleanser, Uber Mist, Supreme cream ( a serum and a cream in one) Perfecting polish and mask in one, and the lovely Balm for lips, eyebrows, and cuticles.   So Mezza girls love your skin this month and try “Unexpected Beauty”

Also if you just want to check it out you can purchase all the products in the Go Bag for a discounted price until the end of April.

I love this Go Bag it is a cool clear case that you can easily travel with and put a few extra things in as well.785419422


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