The Market Pavilion Hotel- Where everybody Knows your Name

The Market Pavilion Hotel- Where everybody Knows your Name

The Market Pavilion is one Charleston’s most luxurious hotels.  At the epicenter of the downtown and only minutes from the waterfront.  From the charming decor to the Roof Top Bar….this is hands down my favorite place to stay in the south.   But the number one thing that draws me to this hotel is the 4th floor.   This is the concierge level and for the past six years, we have stayed on this floor not because of the room but for the common area where the concierge guests meet for breakfast, high tea, and cocktails.   From a time gone by where guests engage with each other in conversation and sip on champagne or coffee.   I love my Charleston family as I refer to two very special people Barbara and Jack.   For the past few years, we get to meet them at the same time each year around Valentines Day.   We warmly greet each other and begin to catch up on each other’s lives.   This is truly the heart of the hotel for me.    So Mezza followers make some memories at the Market Pavilion Hotel where “Everybody Knows Your Name.”


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