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My Mezza Beauty Tips

My Mezza Beauty Tips

First, I just want to wish all of my Mezza Moms a wonderful and happy Mother’s day to all of you. Now, let’s get down to business. Here are some of my tips for keeping up your great looks into your middle years and beyond.     I have always believed that beauty starts from within. So, with that being said, here are some of my tried and true tricks that I have done through the years. I may not look like I’m 20, but that is not the goal as we age. I want to look fresh, bright and glowing. My first Mezza tip: I am a big fan of taking vitamins. I would like to thank my mom for this practice. I believe taking the correct vitamins not only helps your overall health but gives you nutrients that you might be missing and that goes for your skin as well. My second Mezza tip: My drink of choice is water. Now, I may have a glass of wine or champagne from time to time, but I do limit myself. Water is key for good skin and hydration. My third Mezza tip is to schedule a facial once a month. I make a standing appointment with Ms.  Allene Bagwell of Hamilton Dermatology ( Some of my facials have been Dermal Plane with Chemical Peel, SkinPen and SilkPeel Microdermabrasion. We all need a little help sometime and Allene is just wonderful. My fourth Mezza tip is to have your brows threaded. This is an ancient beauty practice that originated in India and is widely practiced in the Middle East. A brow threading is like having a mini eye lift. My go to girl here is Wassila K. from Jamison Shaw in Atlanta. My fifth Mezza tip is about keeping your hairstyle up to date with color and cut. I just love working with Sharon Fritz, also from Jamison Shaw ( Sharon is a Master hair stylist and keeps current on all the latest trends. She is the bomb! For an extra touch-up, my passion is a blow-out at the Drybar. What a great place to chat, have a cup of coffee or a drink and get your hair blown-out. My sixth Mezza tip is what make-up to use. As we age, we don’t want to look like we are made up too much. It should be more of a natural look. Ms. Leah Connors, beauty consultant with Laura Mercier, can give you that natural glow. I just love all the great lip colors, blushes, tinted sunscreens and bronzers. When you get a minute, stop by Saks Fifth Avenue Phipps Plaza and say hi to Leah! Her contact email is:  [email protected]

So there you have it Mezza girls, my SIX go to beauty tips!


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