More Than a Pizzeria

More Than a Pizzeria

The best part about being on your own schedule is that you can have an unexpected Monday. Today was one of those Mondays. We made a spontaneous stop at the end of our day at a small Pizzeria and Pub called Avellino’s in Brookhaven, Georgia. We sat down and found the place quite charming. We ordered our wood-fired pizza and salad and, of course, a little wine. The owner, Luigi, came over to us and started to talk to my husband. I guess we both give off a strong New York vibe and when a former New Yorker runs into another former New Yorker, a robust conversation ensues! Luigi guessed that my husband came from Howard Beach, New York. He said it was his accent. From that point on we knew this guy was the real deal. His knowledge of wine was only surpassed by his extensive, and may I say “World Class” approved wine list. So not only are you getting fresh ingredients in your pizza but you are also going to get an amazing  glass of wine.  So our quick stop ended up being two hours of talking, tasting wine and getting to know Luigi. I felt like I was transported to Italy for the afternoon. We finished off our meal with  some amazing homemade cannolis and a fantastic cup of cappuccino and also made a new friend. Thank you Luigi for bringing a little bit of Italy to Atlanta. Bravo and five stars for Avellino’s Brookhaven! It’s more than a Pizzeria.


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