New Spring Trends for 2021 By: Ilysse Moss Fashion Psychologist

New Spring Trends for 2021  By: Ilysse Moss Fashion Psychologist

As we come to the close of 2020, we must recognize the challenges, pain, lose, grief and hardship that this year has brought and how it has individually and collectively effected us.  As we approach V-day for vaccine and victory, the fashion world mimics the feeling of optimism and excitement.  Finally, we will be able to immerse ourselves in our professional, social, and communal activities, of course still within the guidelines of the CDC and NIH.
Let’s dive into the spring trends which were exhibited in New York Fashion Week and the Paris Runway Show.  Spring 2021 is all about living outside the lines; this is so apropos given that we have lived inside the lines for oh too long!  Many of you have lived in leggings on the bottoms and blouses or jackets on the top for zoom meeting.  Those without meetings have just “vegged” in at-leisure wear until we have become sick and tired of the lounge look.  Word on the street is that we now are ready to dress up and embrace the world.  We are in search of something extraordinary.  This new season brings us the attraction of opposites and the balance of femme and masculine trends. Some of the masculinity comes in the form of shirt jackets, shoulder pads, boxiness and combat boots; while some of the feminine vibe is reflected in ruffles, tiered skirts, floaty sleeves, pastel colors, and florals galore.

After being locked inside and some of us in fact on lockdown, we are bursting to come out and celebrate life and our personal flair.  Now, you can be noticed in big bold prints and colors. These prints and colors are here to make a statement.  All eyes turn to coats of many colors, tie dye outfits, blousy tops, detailed shoulders and sleeves or wide legged bottoms. Exaggerated silhouettes in oversized shirts, proportions of two times you, and wide leg jeans should make us all eager to have fun.  Non traditional pairings of patterns, colors, prints and textures make us want to play and be spontaneous.  Polka dots and purple are also hot to trot.  With all this newness, playfulness and experimentation, there are still some classics among the styles for spring 2021 such as classic trench coats, black and white, and elevated suiting options.  For those of you who are still tentative about stepping out of your comfort zone, we’ve got sporty meets posh and staple graphic tees.  Get ready, set and go leave the sadness, ugliness, an loneliness of 2020 behind, and jump outside the lines and welcome  spring 2021


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