Parisian Cafe in Atlanta???

Parisian Cafe in Atlanta???

A few months ago I discovered a new place to have my coffee in the morning and afternoon.   Cafe Vendome…a cozy spot off of Roswell Road right here in Atlanta.   The Mezza gives Cafe Vendome five stars for food, service and that special feeling you get only when sitting in a Parisian Cafe!!!!  Here is a story I am sharing from Owner and Director Hamid Rouchdi.

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About us
Café Vendôme is an authentic artisanal French Pastry Bakery Café, baking refined pastries and baguettes on-site all day long with selected ingredients including gluten free products. We are bringing a pure traditional atmosphere of the Parisian pastry to Atlanta?s community. The most ancestral techniques are combined to produce natural bread and pastries with state-of-the-art bakery equipment.

Recognized as one of the most talented artisan of his generation, Chef Karl has built his reputation on his passion for pastry, and his incredible skill to combine authenticity and innovation. He was awarded in many French pastry contests at a regional and national level, certifying his excellence and talent. He met and learned from top famous French chefs, and was a subject of various French newspaper articles.

The concept was designed in 2015 thanks to Hamid, a seasoned international engineer and entrepreneur. He owned his Executive MBA at Goizueta Business School, Emory in 2007. Hamid is a French and American citizen, highly principled and ethical, who moved from French Riviera to the United States in 1998. He enjoys traveling, road biking, swimming, and reading history books. He is a soccer player and devoted communities volunteer who enjoys coaching youth in Peachtree Methodist Church PRUMC and NASA soccer club.

Our Philosophy
Authenticity, Innovation, Quality, Elegance, and Hospitality

Creating superior-quality bread, pastry, and coffee demands specific philosophy, values, and principles. We have built our company on solid foundations from day one, creating a unique movement that is constantly adapting with a special focus on authenticity, innovation, quality, and hospitality.

Although technology is important, our commitment to innovation goes much deeper than that. We seek to create a new type of coffee and tea place that is bright, refined, welcoming, and cozy for our community.

Café Vendôme is a genuine French place, managed and operated by French chef and director. We understand that our French traditional craft needs to evolve into a vibrant and modern style that reflects the trends of our time. Hence, our bakery pastry café in Roswell road Atlanta is a prime example of this commitment and modernity. Our pastry chef creates pastries and viennoiserie with an authentic French taste. Our café is selected with commitment to freshness; our dishes, salads, and sandwiches are made with dedication; and our homemade macaroons, ice cream, and chocolate are our surprising gifts to our customers.


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