Pearls Oyster Bar….It’s more than Fish

Pearls Oyster Bar….It’s more than Fish

I had the good fortune last weekend of meeting Seth Braunstein, one of the main family members of Pearl’s Oyster Bar.
The Oyster Bar is located in one of the most Historical buildings in Philadelphia. The Reading Terminal Market. The Market can date back to the late 1600’s when the local government at the time agreed to have informal food markets. There is a long history of this building and it was also the home to the Philadelphia and Reading Railroads. In 2012 it celebrated 120 years of bringing fresh and locally grown food to Philadelphia. Today the look of the market is a cross between New York’s Chelsea Market and Atlanta’s new Ponce City Market. Pearl’s was one of the best restaurants at the Terminal. The retro counter space and quick service is a plus. The best part was tasting Chef Jason’s creations. My favorite was their breakfast menu which was mouth watering but trendy too with such dishes as:
Bacon and Banana French Toast, crab cake benedict and my favorite the “Jawn.” A slang Philly word meaning “The Thing”
and boy was it….my portion was enough for two people to share made of sizzling Canadian bacon, smoked bacon, roasted bell peppers, Spanish onions, smoked provolone and scrambled eggs all cooked and served in a cast iron frying pan. This delicious dish is also topped off with butter, milk biscuit, and Chorizo gravy with chives….yummm.

Not only did I get to talk with Seth but his mom as well. It was so much fun to hear how they all got started in the 80’s and how they keep this landmark restaurant going. I give it my 5 stars on the Mezza. I would like to leave my Mezza followers with a quote from columnist Rick Nicolas of the Philadelphia Inquirer who summed up the Reading Terminal Market “It is definitely the beating heart of old original Philadelphia.”


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