Perfume Making in Paris

Perfume Making Workshop in Paris France By Brianna Korb:  The Mezza’s Travel Expert

I am always on the lookout for unique and local experiences when traveling. I recently visited Paris and booked a class in which I was able to make and bottle my own perfume. The perfume workshop can host private classes, like mine, or groups of 2 – 8 people. While most people think that perfume is only for women, my master perfumer told me that men can also create their own scent and comprise 40% of the guests.

The session began with me smelling base notes. Base notes are those that can be smelled hours after you spray your perfume. These are usually notes such as vanilla, amber, sandalwood, or musk. I opened all the tiny blue bottles and held the eyedropper next to my chest and slowly brought it closer to my nose. The reason for this motion was so that my nose picked up the actual smell and not the alcohol. I selected about 7 concentrates that pleased my nose. My master perfumer helped me determine the amount of each concentrate to use. I had to place the correct amount into a glass flask and then pour my mix into a beaker so that we could smell it. The process continued until I found a combination that brought a huge smile to my face.

The small blue bottles contained the concentrates for the base, heart, and top notes.  The design process in action. The flask and beaker contain my own personal mix of perfume.

I next had to smell middle or heart notes, and then finally the top notes. While I could pick out individual notes that I enjoyed, the master perfumer helped me to add notes to my perfume to balance it out. I tended to be drawn to more spicy notes. She helped me bring in some floral and fruit notes so that the overall scent was beautiful. The workshop took about 2 hours. I never felt rushed when smelling the concentrates and deciding which smells appealed to me. The master perfumer also helped me add in balancing notes that I would not have known how to do, as it was my first- time making perfume. The most difficult part was trying to pick a name for my perfume. After selecting my perfume bottle, drinking French champagne, and talking to my host I could not think of a good name for my perfume. So when all else fails, I named it after myself, Brianna. The best thing about this perfume shop is they keep your ingredient list and the amount of each concentrate so that if you want to order it again you can and you can also have them make it into a candle.

If you are interested in doing something that is unique to France please let me know. The perfume region, Grasse, is located in southern France and is great if you are interested in a more in-depth workshop. But if you want to take a break, like I did, and have fun in the heart of it all, a perfume class in Paris is the way to go.  The final product, my own bottle of perfume. A special bottle from Murano Italy, and French champagne! Myself as a very happy client after the perfume class. I am already looking forward to wearing my new creation.


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