Peter Glenn Introduces Anita..Its not just for skiing

Peter Glenn Introduces Anita..Its not just for skiing

Ladies this is for you… Now many of you might have seen my  posts from Peter Glenn this winter.   My Ski-Retail home. Well now that the ski season is done the store does stay open to offer you water sports and adventure wear.   I was just at a clinic in the store where I was introduced to the best sports a bra a girl will ever want…Anita..  This specialty underwear company has been around for over 130 years.   All of their products are developed for the various figures and requirements of their clients.  They develop and design all of  their articles in Brannenburg, a site which is located at the edge of the Alps.  Here are some facts:  1)Anita’s Bras will help you avoid pain and overstretching the sensitive connective breast tissue while exercising. 2) Anita’s Bras reduce the Bounce factor Yeah!!!  3) These Bras are fitted. So Ladies….come into Peter Glenn at the Prado in Sandy Springs and ask for the Anita Sports Bra…or just shop online at

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