“Fashion is an art which is a vehicle for the expression of one’s personality.  In constructing a garment, designers take into consideration a multitude of elements such as fabric, design, silhouette, embellishment, and color.  The most dominant feature of a garment is COLOR!   It is the first aspect noticed in a garment and has an instantaneous and lasting impact on the person wearing it and the world around us.”

Spring into this season’s fashion front with brilliant and vibrant COLOR!  It covers the full spectrum of primary colors through neon ones as well.   Did you know that colors have meaning attached to them?  They represent certain concepts, values, and characteristics.

Red is a stimulating and exciting color that attracts the most attention because of its drama and passion. Red evokes powerful emotions of love and anger with a strong link to sexuality. It signifies courage, bravery, and strength.  Red, in the fashion world, commands attention and creates excitement and energy. Across all cultures, it is agreed that red universally makes people look more attractive. Red denotes love and romance which are feelings which get people noticed.

Orange is a combination of Red’s energy and yellow’s happiness. Orange represents joy, warmth, enthusiasm, endurance, fascination, and creativity.  We associate orange with the sunshine which brings positivity. In fashion, orange conjures up a sense of freedom and enjoyment.  It brings confidence and wellbeing and tends to effects one’s posture, walks, and body language. Gold is cousins to yellow and brown. Gold symbolizes illumination, magic, and wisdom. Both gold as a precious metal, and in the fashion world,  portray wealth, grandeur, sparkle, glitz and bling.  Gold can illuminate any outfit whether it be with jewelry, accessories or in the garment itself.

Midnight blue denotes a sense of peace and coolness. The color blue actually signals our brain to produce chemicals which create balance and calmness. authority, intelligence, and power.  This color is associated with classic conservatism or an authoritative vibe which suggests loyalty, trust, and intelligence.   In the fashion world, this mid-night blue is sometimes called blavy (a combination of black and navy).  Dark blue is so close to black that it is often seen as a neutral. This color is also viewed as dressy and can be a good alternative for formal attire.

Green is often associated with the life and growth of spring. Green represents fertility, stability freshness, harmony, and nature. Green has an emotional correspondence to safety and healing.  Green can also be associated with money, finances, greed, and envy.  Green is considered the most restful color for the human eye. Green portrays a balance and equilibrium between head and heart and creates an uplifting spiritual feeling. There are many shades of green from mint to army green. Seek the green shades, within the green spectrum, which are most cosmetically flattering for you. Green can be worn by everyone but is most dependent on skin tone.

Fashion for spring ‘19 has a strong pull to color. Color deeply touches our senses and character. Pay attention to how color plays a role in your life. How does it make you think and feel? What colors do you notice the most? What colors do you gravitate to and why? How do you feel about yourself in different colors in the spectrum?  Experiment and step outside of your box with color; this is definitely the season to do it. I would be interested in hearing your comments and experiences. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]  Feel free to email me or visit my website at

Mezza followers this piece was written by our Fashion Psychologist and Stylist, Dr. Ilysse Moss.

So bring on the Color this Spring!!!!!!


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