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Put the Mind in the Muscle

Put the Mind in the Muscle

Please Welcome guest blogger Kristy Wegert.   Kristy is not only a personal trainer but also is on the Team at Edin- Eating Disorder Information Network.   A great organization that helps those with eating disorders.  Kristy is on the Body Positivity Committee where she uses her personal training knowledge and helps people look at themselves in a new, fresh and healthy way.   Here is an excerpt from Kristy’s views on Weight lifting.

Put the Mind in the Muscle

As a personal trainer, I have been asked many interesting questions over the years, but one misconception held by many of my female clients regards lifting weights. Won’t weightlifting make me look big or manly? While such burly girls do exist, this is an extreme version and takes a monumental effort in the gym and the kitchen to achieve that look. This is a lifestyle overhaul that most of us will not have the time nor the inclination to pursue. The real question is Why should I add strength training to my exercise routine? I feel like the answers, while not sexy, are the true answers and they have nothing to do with shelf booty, thigh gap, or flattening the belly. It is a question of function in our lives. Let’s forget what we think it looks like and remember that it has everything to do with thriving as we age. Below are some interesting answers that might motivate you to the dumbbell rack…


Bone Health

Our skeletal structure changes as we age. Bone density loss after 40 in sedentary individuals happens at a rate of 1% per year. This can be fought with as little as 2 days of full-body strength training per week. Studies have shown that building muscle supports bone density. Indeed strength training fights bone loss…and wins. What does that look like? It looks like fewer trips to the doctor for broken bones. 


Functional Ability

Things are heavy. Can you pick up and bring in a 40-pound bag of dog food from the car in one move or do you have to drag it? Children are notoriously heavy, wiggly creatures and yet we keep picking them up. Want to do that without worrying about throwing out your back? Do you use your hands to get out of a chair or are your legs strong enough? Each year we have to put the box of holiday decorations up on a high shelf…that’s 20 pounds. Can you do these things for yourself or are you always having to ask for help? Training with weights allows you to live life with ease. What does that look like? Independent and super cool!


Forget the images you have been force-fed by the media. I have trained many women from their 20s to their 80s and they have all turned out to be stronger and more capable in their lives. None of them look like brutes but they walk confidently, with great postures, and can do anything they want. That looks powerful!


Kristy Wegert

Owner & Personal Trainer 

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