Reboot your V-Day in 2021 By Natalie Straley

Reboot your V-Day in 2021

Has the uncertainty of our “new normal” have you scratching your head as to what to do for Valentine’s Day?  Does flowers, dinner, and a staying in sound…usual?  Research says that partners that sweat together stay together!  I know what you’re thinking, but I’m talking about fitness here!  In fact, according to Psychology Today, working out with your partner boosts relationship happiness, drives romantic attraction, improves physical attraction, boosts attractiveness, increases physical performance, and increases emotional bond.  Interestingly, the level of intensity of the workout is not a factor for acquiring all of the relationship benefits.  We don’t need to be setting any PR’s here, just a light entertaining workout to tone one of your favorite muscle groups!  Let’s face it, there simply isn’t a better time to live a little, stretch our minds, and get creative long enough to attempt something outside our wheelhouse this Valentines day!  You may just stumble upon a new passion and reboot your relationship along the way.  Below you will find some rather unique options to get your blood pumping and make Valentines 2021 the most memorable of all! 

  • Southern Cross Ranch.  Strap on some boots (good pair of rainboots will do) and head about an hour outside of Atlanta for some incredible southern hospitality and partner or group horseback trail riding through some of the most beautiful land in Georgia!  Feel free to top it off with a stay at their cozy           B & B.
  • Panola Mountain State Park.  Enjoy a guided hike geared towards couples through the conservation area, watch the sunset over downtown Atlanta, and have your photo taken to memorialize this incredible experience. 
  • Lake Lanier.  Enjoy a staycation and head over to Lake Lanier Island to enjoy their “Holiday of Love” packages.  Enjoy luxurious accommodations while experiencing all there is to do on Snow Island. 
  • The Artist Asylum.  Source your inner Demi Moore and Head to one of Atlanta’s premier adult aerial studios for a special V-Day lap dance class.  This is a safe and judgment free zone that allows you to get playful while learning to connect to your partner in new ways! 
  • Secret Garden Pole.  Up for an exotic twist?  This class isn’t for the shy at heart.  Enjoy a more than unique dive into the world of partners stretching. Check out the site for more interesting details and offerings. 

For more interesting V-Day events that range from sexy online cooking classes to in person painting classes visit

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