How to Shop Long Island Style

How to Shop Long Island Style

I recently had the pleasure of visiting this fun boutique on Long Island with my sister-in-law this past weekend when I was visiting her.   Un Deux Trois.   It is a cozy space with lots of fun and trendy pieces.   My favorite is the new look of colored fur back to the Anorak jacket or denim bomber.   Also,  the owner, Jodie Trentacoste, makes her own jewelry and designs tee shirts and sweatshirts.   Jodie and her staff are very friendly and help you mix and match pieces.

So Mezza girls, there is more to shopping in New York than in Manhattan give me long Island!!!!

PS…They ship throughout the country plus Canada and Mexico.   Give Jodie a call and tell her Jackie Grund, from the Mezza and Ilyse’s sister-in-law, sent you…..   516-802-7595.

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