The Mezza Style Guide …It’s not just about Fashion

why a style guide? There have been many books written about style and fashion throughout the ages. This one is different.   As an extension of our digital online fashion and lifestyle platform, “The Mezza Style Guide” aims to be a strategic way to highlight not only the outer beauty of women over the age of 45, but the inner beauty too. The goal is that this is not only a guide for women, but a physical representation that there is life, and style, after 45, you just have to know how to take ownership of it! I have spent the greater part of my adult years in the crazy world of fashion and I would have it no other way. I was introduced to style at a young age from my mother to my oh-so-stylish grandmother, and all of my aunts and great aunts that came before me who represented fashion well. What this taught me, was that style wasn’t just about what you wore, but about how you feel when expressing yourself through fashion. I’ve dedicated this guide to all of the women in their middle years. The kids are all grown up and you can be YOU again! So what will you do with your power?   I am here to tell you that the second half of your life is just beginning and your Mezza family is with you every step of the way!THE STYLE GUIDE IS COMING SOON…..



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