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A Sneak Peek for the next Season-Cheat Sheet

A Sneak Peek for the next Season-Cheat Sheet

You don’t have to fly across the pond to see the Hottest trends for next season.  I had a front- row seat at the Sneak Peek for Fall Show at the Atlanta Apparel Mart.

The stage was set for Fall with leaves and trees along the runway.  It was very Chanel like.  Drama, gorgeous clothes, and a perfect setting along with a glass of Champagne.    The Color Palette for Fall  2018  is made up of Rose, Oatmeal, Camel, Teal, Red and Gold Mustard.

Some key items to look out for next season would be:

  1.  The Trench Coat
  2.  longlined Belted Cardigan
  3.  Oversized Knit Sweaters
  4.  Plaid Blazers
  5.  Two-Piece Sets
  6.  Midi Dress
  7.  Wide Leg Trousers
  8. Shearling Parkas

The Fall 2018 Trends will be:

Anything Corduroy, tailored Suiting, Lounge Sets, Animal Prints, Colored Fur, Vintage Florals still happening, Rainbow Stripes, Longlined Layers-Like an oversized sweater with  a knit skirt, Piping, and Racer Stripes.

Some Fabrications will be Tweed, Leather, Corduroy, Silk, Cashmere, and my favorite velvet.

So Mezza ladies here is your cheat sheet for Fall….have it handy when you

start your Fall Shopping.


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