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Social Distance Your Work out: By Gina Ryals, Natalie Straley and Jackie Grund

Social Distance Your Work out: By Gina Ryals, Natalie Straley and Jackie Grund

Hi all coming to you from North Carolina this week.   I have asked two of our contributors in the Workout World to create a post this week which talks about how to social distance while you are working out.   Now you can work out from your home with videos but some states have opened up gyms. So what should we be doing to keep safe?  Well I Walked into one Gym, I will not mention the name,  first stop is a high-tech temperature check, mask on as well.   Then to the workout area where separations are clearly marked and hand sanitizers are all the rage.   Always wash your hands after your workout and use a spray sanitizer as well.   Here is a little something from Gina Ryals on the way she social distances her workouts:

It’s important to stay active during these unprecedented times. Gyms and fitness centers are going above and beyond to make sure you feel safe while working out. Most group fitness classes are allowing you to sign up online, class sizes are limited but, at least, you are able to enjoy your workout while social distancing There is still the option to work out in your living room due to the many live streaming classes offered by your local gym or fitness center, in addition, to many free workout apps available online such as Sworkit or Adidas Training by Runtastic. Don’t let the virus keep you on the couch! Go outside and walk, get some vitamin D and just remember to keep moving.   If gyms are not your thing then head outside for a great walk or hike.   Thank you Gina!!!
 I have been doing just that all week.   I am 7 months post op and just hiked my first real mountain.  It was a challenging since the last time I was on a mountain was about 20 years ago.  The last 7 years I was struggling to move around due to not getting that hip replaced.    So glad best thing this year!!   These are challenging times, but exercise is always a good thing so stay hydrated and Social Distance.  Stay tuned for part 2 of this post with some more ideas from Natalie Straley later this week.  Here is her post:
Does your “new normal” have you feeling a little down? Discovering a consistent fitness regiment is your prescription for boosting your immune system and eliminating quarantine induced fatigue, depression, anxiety, and reduced quality of life.  The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both. Here are 5 ways to achieve those goals from home: (1) Take short active breaks during the day. Three 10 minute power sessions is less overwhelming and has multiple heart, metabolic, cognitive and emotional wellness benefits; (2) follow an online workout class (YouTube has many free classes); (3)  Walk; (4) stand up regularly and stretch; and (5) Schedule time daily to relax and explore “internal power” practices such as Tai chi or yoga virtually from the comfort of your home.


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