Special Ladies Who Inspire me to buy Luxury: By Jackie Grund Editor of Mezza Reviews

Special Ladies Who Inspire me to buy Luxury:  By Jackie Grund Editor of Mezza Reviews

As some of our readers might not have known that I had a loss this year.   My Mom, Sylvia, passed away at the young age of 86.   No matter how long we have our parents, it’s not enough time with them.   They brought us into this World and we never think of the day when they are not walking beside us.    Mom, was truly a fashionista and this year I am dedicating all fashion events virtually and in person to Mom and her great style.   We just finished a wonderful trunk show with Cabi, Carol Anderson by Invitation.   We did a virtual fashion experience where we were able to donate a portion of sales to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation which is the disease that my Mom fought with for over a decade.    Most recently,  I decided to dedicate the Brand Gucci to Mom in the form of three purchases.   One to my daughter, one to my daughter in law and one to me.   I was inspired by the Gucci brand for their elegant and timeless style such as the Jackie 1961 bag which was first seen by Jackie O in the 60’s .    I thought what great way to honor Mom and think about her with a bag that not only had my namesake but would be a constant reminder of her.   I then decided that I would gift my daughter and daughter in law each with a precious piece from the Gucci collection to remember their Grandma Syl by.   So make high fashion a special purchase from the heart.    I also wanted to share some info from the Gucci site:

In 1961, after Jacqueline Kennedy was spotted carrying a Gucci bag, the fashion house renamed it ‘The Jackie.’ Around the same time, it created a logo (initially used to fasten bags) that is still used today: the famous double-G.

Grace Kelly also had an influence on Gucci’s designs as well. When she purchased a bamboo-handled bag in 1966, Rodolfo Gucci gifted her a floral scarf made especially for her. The pattern was a commissioned illustration by famed artist Vittorio Accornero and later named the ‘Flora’ print.

Today,  Gucci is on Fire and its not due to an iconic movie star or personality but to the brilliant designs of Alessandro Michelle  who become the creative director in 2014.   So Gucci you have my heart forever….For you Mom Love Jackie G




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