Spring Clean Your Fashion Closet for Easy Every Day Dressing

Spring Clean Your Fashion Closet for Easy Every Day Dressing

UPDATE YOUR CLOSET :  Some tips on keeping your fashion wardrobe closet up to date to make everyday dressing a breeze from our Stylists at my new Virtual Boutique Carlise Collections NYC

• Examine the fit and condition of your closet’s contents on anything you haven’t worn in the past six months. (Note what does and doesn’t work and why) • Now divide your entire wardrobe into four categories: 1. Items that will never be worn again or are in irreparable condition; 2. Pieces that may be worn again if repurposed or reconstructed by a tailor (consider this option if you have recently gained or lost weight); 3. High-quality classics that you use most often and should stay in rotation; and 4. Whether you wear them or not, designer clothes that will increase in value (don’t toss your Alaia!) • Get rid of everything in the 1st category. If you’re certain you’re never going to wear it again or if it’s in extremely bad condition, let it go. • The 2nd category contains clothes that still have potential. Maybe they will work mixed into a new look or maybe they are the look that has to come back in style. Often, items can get an instant update with the help of a tailor (give your 80’s-cut oversize blazer a fitted makeover). • Analyze the items in the 3rd category. These are your most frequently picked pieces, so bring them to the front.  • The clothes in the 4th category should be cataloged and stored properly, as they are of potential value. If you think you might be sitting on a treasure, have it appraised by a vintage expert. You can always sell it when you get into a crunch. You never know: One day your name might be called from the Birkin-bag waiting list and a vintage Courreges shift could be worth the sacrifice. • Now organize. Pants, button-ups, sexy-tops, and skirts (by hem length) should all hang in their own group. Sweaters should be stacked. Consider your everyday thought process and your lifestyle-do you choose outfits by color? Or do you think in terms of work wear and weekend wear? Sort accordingly. • Most importantly to avoid a “what have I done?” panic attack. Consider the reasons that are compelling you to clean out your closet. Make certain your decision isn’t a whim: You don’t want to have to buy back your favorite Prada bag from the consignment shop!


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