Starting a Club…. It Could Change Your Life By: Cyndi Freeman

Starting a Club…. It Could Change Your Life By:  Cyndi Freeman


Just like the advertisements: “Got Milk”, “Just Do It”, it’s that simple: Start a Club. You don’t have to know everything about your wine, your floral arranging, etc. or in my case, pie. You just have to want to learn more about whatever club you begin. But beyond the thing being learned, more importantly will be the community you create together!

My pie club began with our company, Vermont Rolling Pins. I decided I had to learn how to use the rolling pins my husband was turning. I began by providing a sign up at a craft show. And I met Deb, my greatest pie club asset, not only a woman who loves life and people, but also an awesome pie maker. She wasn’t even going to sign up. Her daughter, Kelsey was with her and convinced her to sign up. “Mom, I’m going off to college and you need something fun to distract you.”

Well, it distracted Deb for a decade; that’s how long the club lasted!!! In that time, we experienced life together. We talked about troubles and joys at work and with family, and trust was built slowly, but surely. We discussed more than pie, but the things discussed are locked away in my heart and mind. Trust is a fragile thing and can be broken in the telling. So, in general, so much more comes with a club besides the learning. Some amazing friends have entered my life because of pie.

Our club expanded beyond pie. We learned how to make pasta and pizza too. As the club organizer, I set up the date; decided on that month’s savory or sweet creation; and bought the groceries. The schedule was flexible but we often met the first Monday of every month. I sent  an email with three dates to choose from. This allowed people to pick a date that worked for them. Sometimes I asked for ideas on what to make and other times had it set. If it was sweet, I’d have an easy dinner ready for everyone, like Bolognese or Mac and Cheese. I could give you a list of creations, but for pie, I’ll give you a book: The Pastry Cook by Catherine Atkinson. A favorite from her book was the Guiness Oyster Pie; we made this often. For pasta making, check out the Pasta Grannies. For pizza, make our bulk pizza dough recipe: and then get creative with toppings. With the grocery costs, I divided the total with club members’ attending. I’d have a jar out for everyone to put their money in. Now I suppose Venmo might work better and you could have them pay in advance too.

I describe our evenings together like an intimate restaurant or bakery. We experienced the backend and frontend of a sit down meal. We’d make the dough together, if it didn’t need to sit too long; otherwise the dough would be ready. We made the fillings for the pies and pasta. And while our goodies baked, we sat together and talked. Then we ate together at the dining room table. The theme was learning, eating, drinking and talking. A great theme for any club you start. Best with starting your club!

Thank you To Cyndi Freeman for being our Guest Blogger this Month.   You must check out her rolling pins!!!!


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