My Stich Fix Experience—Easy, No Mall, No Gas, Fun

My Stich Fix Experience—Easy, No Mall, No Gas, Fun

Stitch-Fix-z-Fall-DeliveryAs promised Mezza girls, I am going to chat with you about my “Stich Fix” experience.  I want to do this so that if you are on the fence about ordering from them—I can put your mind at ease. As you might know, you can go to the Stich Fix site right from my shopping link here on Mezza. I am a registered affiliate with them. All you have to do is click on the picture on my shopping link. Now that you know how. I want to tell you why I think this is a great way to shop. The best thing you will like about Stich Fix is that you will be assigned your very own personal stylist. After the greeting, you get down to business. Your stylist will now ask you questions and show you pictures to try to determine what your very own style is. Next, I know this is the hard part, but you must give her your size. Get that tape measure out. You will then get to pick your budget that you would like your items to stay within. You also get to pick how often you want your Stich Fix to come to you. I chose to have it come quarterly. You are now done and your stylist is busy working for you. The day finally arrives with my Stich Fix. It was like having a birthday celebration and getting to open up your present.
So I eagerly opened my box to find five items including shoes in my box. Also, there was a great style card that showed me how to merchandise them with other items. How great is that to have that style card to fall back on. Also in the box, there was a USPS envelope that I could send back the items that I did not wish to keep. You are only charged for the items that you keep. A final note you have three business days to return your items. So Mezza girls I hope that you will embrace this new and fun way to shop. Easy, no mall or traffic, and a lot of fun!!!!

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