Summer Vacation Where to Go???

Here is Brianna Korb, our fabulous Travel Advisor, with some great tips on planning that Summer Vacation. 

With warm weather in the forecast, or already here for some of us, it is  the start of many summer vacations. One question that I get frequently as a travel advisor is “Where should I travel next?” Before I can answer that question knowledgeably I need to gather more information from my client. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you begin planning your next trip. 1) What length would you like your vacation to be? The number one reason people travel is to change their surroundings. So whether you fly or drive to your destination, you are putting yourself in a different location. That change alone will allow you to relax, or try something new. Which are the most common outcomes that people want when they think of vacation?  So while it is great to take a month and explore Europe or Australia, a long weekend can do just as much to recharge your batteries and allow you to save for a bigger trip later on. 2) What is your budget, per person, for your trip? The hardest question for my clients to answer is in regards to their budget. Knowing this number up front allows me to dive into the products and locations that are right for them. As a travel advisor I want you to take the vacation and be extremely happy with it. And the cost is a huge part of everyone’s happiness. Because we deal with individual clients we can adjust their itinerary until it is perfect for them. And getting on the right track quickly allows for the planning process to be fun and smooth for everyone. 3) Is there a particular style of travel you enjoy or don’t enjoy? Depending on your length of vacation you might want a hotel room in the center of the city so that you have easy access to different sites and restaurants. Or perhaps you want something completely different like a tree house room or even a glass igloo. Are you looking to stay in one location or do you want a variety of stops in your vacation? Transportation is often overlooked when planning a vacation, but we have all had delayed flights or long car rides that eat into our vacation time. As an advisor, I have had to help people trim down their long list of items to see or do. If a place really has that much of interest to you, perhaps going for a longer period of time would be better. Or is it a destination that could be returned to on another trip? To be the best feeling I can have when leaving a destination is wanting to return. 4) What experience do you want with this vacation? I have clients that truly just want to sit on a beach or in the mountains and relax. Other people want to learn how to navigate the local market and then cook a meal with the fresh ingredients they just bought. Others want to see the unique architecture of the city and the beauty of the surrounding country. And some clients want to volunteer their time or skills by working with the local community. Let your advisor know what you desire to get out of your vacation. Your interest may seem out of place near home, but it’s a big world out there. And your advisor will know exactly how to design it just for you. Happy travels! Brianna Korb.

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