The Cabi Tap App…..The Great Shopping Reset Shop 24/7 By Jacqueline Grund

The Cabi Tap App…..The Great Shopping Reset Shop 24/7 By Jacqueline Grund

We are living in a very different World than we were even Three years ago.   The Pandemic of 2020 will not only go down as a World health crisis but also has a time when the World Reset.   This month our Theme on the Mezza is about resetting how we do things.    The big reset for fashion has been that It went virtual and online in a big way.   The hesitation of shopping online has been eased.   You can shop directly from your phone on so many platforms that also includes our brand Cabi.

We have a free App called Cabi tap.   Here is a little bit about it:

cabi Tap is a personal styling and shopping app that captures your cabi clothing purchases and organizes them in a virtual closet for you, while giving you styling recommendations for items in the current Collection that match back to what you already own! Download now to get connected with me, Jacqueline Grund from the the State of Georgia and your cabi Stylist so I can help you build your cabi wardrobe.      It is very easy our entire collection is available to you 24/7.   We have our look book and magazine on it as well so you can check out how we merchandise the collection for the Season.    So Download the app now from your app store.     If you prefer to go directly to my site you can also shop it at:

It is safe and secure.   Happy Shopping this Fall.    You can also follow me at Instagram

@Jackiegstyle and shop that way as well.  Links are in the Bio.


After downloading app choose me Jacqueline Grund as your stylist and the region is

Georgia.  That’s it!!! Then start shopping.   You can always send me an email through the app on size, color, etc….


Jacqueline Grund

Cabi stylist and Editor of Mezza Reviews

Author of Mezza Style Guide



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