The Do’s and Dont’s Fashion Philosophy for Women over 40++ By Jackie Grund Mezza Editor

The Do’s and Dont’s Fashion Philosophy for Women over 40++ By Jackie Grund Mezza Editor

I am very excited to share my little cheat sheet of Do’s and Dont’s for us girls in the Middle.  When you are out shopping, looking through your closet, or deciding what to wear to the Airport, Date Night or work,  I hope you keep this handy.   From Chanel’s Little Black Dress to Dior’s New Look and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Manolo Blahnik’s, there have been Do’s and Dont’s throughout Fashion History.    Here is my Tried and True list that I feel the Modern Woman over 40+++ should try to follow:

Vacation Airplane Travel:  Please do not make this an extension of your bedroom.  Don’t come to the Airport on your way to some exotic city dressed in your PJs with your pillow as an accessory!!!! or that workout wear that you had on the day prior!!!!  You never know who you might see-or who might see you!  Do, however, come to the Airport or sky club (here in Atlanta) wearing sleek looking leggings or a great fitting pair of jeans paired back to a white classic shirt (always have that when traveling) a wrap, Blazer or Cardigan and top off with some cute sneakers (love Allbirds) or booties (snakeskin in this season) Now that is a look that will get you moved up to First Class!!!

When it comes to the Trends:   The 20 year-olds can rock trends all day long.  When we reach Middle age it’s better to pick an accessory that reflects the trend of the season.   A Big Don’t is do not wear a Romper over the age of 40.   Try a great pencil or chic aline skirt instead that can also show off your figure.     Another No of mine is Harem pants.  Unless Studio 54 was reopening the worst of the 70’s !!!

How to avoid the Muffin Top:   Don’t wear really low rise jeans or slacks and a tight short knit shirt or the muffin top will come to haunt you…unless you want to bake a muffin top!!!  Do wear jeans or slacks that sit just below the belly button.  This season the high rise waisted jean is in.  Do not however get the mom jeans of the 80s.

The Power of Three:   Always think in terms of three your bottom top and the Jacket or sweater your Best Friend.

When looking for that great dress:   The 60s are not really here so just forget wearing that Micro Mini. unless you were asked to be in a new Austin Powers Movie.   Instead, opt for the iconic DVF Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress!!!! Your Teenage or Adult daughter will thank you!!!

Color:   Don’t always hide behind black–I don’t care what the New Yorkers Say!!! Do Choose Color it Brightens our 40+++ complexions!!!!

Accessories:   Don’t over-accessorize and look like you are walking mannequin for Gucci.  Halloween is only one day a year!!!! Do pick one accessory and make it yours to finish off the outfit.   It could be a statement necklace, a scarf or a great belt but not all of them at the same time.

Hiding the wrinkles and Saggy Skin:   I have started to notice this area getting a bit saggy…I can get a tightening treatment but in a pinch, I grab a great small neck scarf and now that the cooler weather is here I love my turtlenecks and cowlnecks.!!!!

Undergarments:  Don’t wear Bras that you dug out of your drawer from the previous two Presidential Administrations or from before the internet.  Do get Bra fittings at least once a year as to avoid the girls from dragging on the floor. Let’s get them lifted every time and no surgery necessary.  The same advice for good shapewear under a dress or slacks.  Cheaper than a tummy tuck or Lipo!!

Tailoring:   Small, Medium and large are not always your friends. Your real buddy is your local tailor/dressmaker.  Yes, tailoring is an option when you buy items that are not made to fit you but for the Masses.  Men, on the other hand, don’t hesitate but with women, it’s like we are asking them to go to the dentist to get a root canal or to clean the garage.  Balodana, a company that I showcase here on the Mezza’s shopping page is bringing back the art of made to order styles on a budget.

In conclusion:  Here is something I picked up from the Great Stacy London-Stylist a few years ago at a seminar I attended where she was training stylists around the country.  I have used it time and time again when choosing an outfit to wear or to suggest to a client.

Your outfit should have the following components:

A  little bit of Shine A little bit of Texture, a little bit of color, and a great fit.

“The sexiest thing a woman can ever have is confidence”  Clinton Kelly



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