The Glam-Ma Shower

The Glam-Ma Shower

Our Floral and Entertaining Contributor, Anne Valgoi, shares a new kind of celebration that is trending out there for us girls in the Middle.   It’s the Glam-Ma Shower for new grandmas.  What a great idea to gather with your friends to celebrate this amazing Life Event.   I also love that Anne also touched on a very cool decorating trend of mixing china patterns to add a fresh, eclectic and sentimental approach to setting your table.


By Anne Valgoi

     Recently my girlfriends and I celebrated our good friend, Andrea, becoming a Grandma.  It’s become a tradition in our inner circle to recognize this glorious occasion!  We gathered at my home to welcome the new bundle of joy and shower the fabulous Grandmother with gifts that she can use during those precious upcoming visits from her first grandchild.

     Typically, my friends and I purchase one large (practical) gift for the lucky Grandmother, such as porta-cribs, car seats, or jogging strollers and then “shower” her with some smaller, unique treasures consisting of adorable tiny outfits or recordable storybooks for the long-distance Grandma.   

     The champagne and the sweet ice tea continued to flow as we discussed what the “official” Grandmother would like to be called (referred to) by her precious blessing, names ranged from “Mimi”, “Nana”, or more southern names such as “Honey” or “Mee-maw”!  My all-time favorite name is “Lolli-Pop” and this is what my husband and I are sweetly referred to by our new grandson, Nolan.

     Another nice touch that we often do is to ask all the special attendees to bring a copy of their favorite children’s book and use this in place of a greetings card.  Don’t forget to personally sign the precious keepsake! 

     As with all great entertaining, the menu is important.  My girl friends made it easy for me and volunteered to bring several of the dishes.  We feasted on a variety of salads which consisted of Asian Broccoli Ramen Salad, Orzo Feta Salad, Chicken Salad (from Chicken Salad Chick!), Fruit Salad, Green Garden Salad, and Pasta Primavera – and of course the CAKE, a chocolate/vanilla creation which was cleverly decorated with cake-like children’s blocks displaying the name “J A C K” , the grandbaby’s name.

     Since it was a Grandma shower, I thought it would be appropriate to serve the food on a collection of my sweet grandmother’s and great grandmother’s china.  Mixing and matching china is now a popular trend with entertaining. 

     I chose a mixture of orange, yellow and red tulips to help grace the dining room table for the fun celebration.  To add interest to the display, I also included some texturized flowers, greenery and a few spray roses. 

     The girls gathering continued into the late afternoon with lively conversation, a few fun games, laughter and a Prosecco toast to the new “Glam-ma” also known as Grandma.  Cheers to our little blessings.





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