The most chicest slipper ever

The most chicest slipper ever

Last week while standing on line at the airport to board my plane, I quickly glanced around to see what everybody is wearing.  So beware of me if you ever see me at the airport.   It has become a habit of mine.   I love to see how everyone puts themselves together.   I quickly notice a woman wearing the most comfortable looking loafers or are they slippers with fur popping out.   I then notice they are Gucci.   A brand we are all familiar with but in the last few years,  it has moved ahead of all of the other luxury brands.   The Gucci brand began way back in the 1920’s by Guccio Gucci, an Italian immigrant in Paris and then moved to London.   Gucci used to work in big hotels and was always looking at all the luggage people were carrying.  He worked with Tuscan craftsman and made leather bags for horsemen.  Over time these bags then became luxury bags and that is how Gucci was formed.     The famous Gucci scarf print was actually a request from the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly…my all time favorite muse in fashion.    In 2015 Gucci hired a new designer Alessandro Michele who has taken Gucci to new heights.    Michelle uses vintage pieces, antiques and prints to begin his inspiration for the collection.  He thinks in terms of attitude and sensuality.    Today Gucci is on fire and is way ahead of all the other high- end luxury brands.   So Mezza followers you are not only buying a bag, a belt or those amazing loafers you are buying a piece of History mixed in with today’s secret recipe of style from Alssandro!!!   The Mezza gives Gucci an A++++++ for Style and creativity.

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