The Other Highlands

The Other Highlands

Most of us have heard of the Highlands in Scotland and the rich history that envelops the area.  I was fortunate to visit that area this summer. Did you know there is another Highlands?  The Highlands of North Carolina.  Only a two- hour drive from Atlanta and an elevation of over 4,000 feet.  Here you can escape the heat of Atlanta or Florida.   Some fun things to do are to visit waterfalls, hike, take in a spa day or just sit with a great glass of wine.

The History of the Highlands dates back to 1875 with two men Samuel Kelsey and Clinton Hutchinson who sat at their kitchen table one night and drew a line from New York to New Orleans and from Chicago to Savannah.   “There one said to another,”   “The intersection of that point will someday be a great center of commerce!”  So they set out to build a town in the Mountains of North Carolina.  Today this town is still far removed from the rushed city life.   Here in the Highlands,  you come to recharge and relax.   My favorite place to stay in is the Old Edwards Inn and Spa.   The Old Edwards Inn began as a boarding house known back in 1878 as Central House.  Mr. Norton, the first owner, paid only $60.00 for four lots on the southeast corner of 4th and Main Street.    In  2001 Art and Angela Williams of Palm Beach Florida bought the restaurant and inn to continue the 132- year- old tradition.   The Old Edwards Inn is listed on the National Register for Historic Places.    The Inn and Spa is World -renowned for its wellness , relaxation and rejuvenation for its visitors.   So Mezza followers come to recharge in the Highlands….The one on this side of the pond….


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