The Roaring 20’s Revisited in Atlanta

The Roaring 20’s Revisited in Atlanta

The new Buzz word or should I say old Buzz word that we are hearing now the Roaring 20’s is currently present in a fabulous new restaurant here in Sandy Springs, Ga.   The Select.  The restaurant was inspired by the famous Le Select in Paris where no other than Fitzgerald and Hemmingway were known to hang out at.   Dave Green, Partner/General Manager is making sure the Parisian influence and the 20’s era are felt throughout this establishment.    The Dinner and Bar Scene are classy and the food is fantastic.   I just had brunch there and was blown away by the Select Benedict of poached eggs on hashbrown, Canadian bacon, and finished with hollandaise.  Oh and the best part,  a warm cinnamon bun for starters!!!    The next big event coming up is the Roaring 20’s Jazz night Feb 1 from 9:30-11:30 with Ultrafaux Performing.   According, to Mr. Green, the entire restaurant will be taken back to that grand time of the roaring 20’s from cocktails to the atmosphere…Here is a little more about The Select from their website:

The Select Restaurant + Bar features Chef Matthew Rainey’s contemporary continental cuisine with a French influence. The comfortable contemporary architecture features spacious ceilings designed so you enjoy casual conversation at your table. We strive to be a 5-star experience. Please see our dinner menu and weekend brunch menu at


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