The Summer Road Trip: By Brianna Korb of Sculpted Escapes

The great American road trip is back. It’s returning with some 21st-century style. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open, and so is the southern half of Yellowstone. Slowly but surely, places around are opening up, and we’re emerging from our homes and ready to hit the road. You might still be wary of hopping on a plane or staying in a big city. We get that. That’s why the first step in our Great American Getaway is about getting away from it all. RVs The mere mention of the term RV might conjure up images of way too much work or terrifying driving! But the RVs of today are well-furnished, clean, and equipped with all the technology you need to make for a smooth road trip. There’s a range of luxury RVs that accommodate varying budgets. There are options for self-drive or a driver, and you can spend every night in the RV or retire to a beautiful lodge for the night while the driver takes care of the vehicle. It’s easy to practice social distancing in an RV while carving out some quality family or couple time away from home. You don’t have to worry about continually unpacking and repacking, and you can be close to the outdoor activities without having to worry about the lack of nearby accommodations. Of course, you can’t just park anywhere you want for the night. That’s where a well-crafted itinerary planned out with your travel advisor comes in. Sensing “a nostalgic craving for the American road trip,” we have developed local and regional itineraries of six to eight nights highlighting national parks, the Rockies, and Texas, to name a few. We also offer national parks itineraries in the West and from the Berkshires to Acadia. You can even get your kicks on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica or Canada when the time comes.

Villas, Cabins & Condos

No matter what part of the country you live in, there are freestanding structures for those not quite sure about jumping back into the high-rise hotel just yet. There are options connected to a resort and come with all the attendant amenities, such as Stone Water Cove on Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks, and many places in Napa Valley or the Ocean House in Rhode Island. For those who want even more space, companies expand their domestic collection to add more private homes in Colorado and Utah, Southern California (Palm Springs, La Jolla, and LA). From Montana to Miami — and Singer Island and Orlando —they are adding or expanding their inventory. Hilton Head bookings are available immediately, and they’re also looking to add places in destinations such as Nashville, Charleston, Savannah, and Martha’s Vineyard. Each home or condo comes with an updated guideline for cleanliness that owners must follow and a rigorous vetting process. They are also looking into modifying cancellation policies in the event of a COVID-19 resurgence.


Nothing says back to nature, like sleeping under the stars. Pitching a tent in the backyard and dragging out a couple of sleeping bags doesn’t cut it anymore after weeks stuck at home. With glamping, you can sleep in a cozy bed with a fire in a semi-permanent tent complete with a private bathroom and shower. Instead of your back porch, you have the glory of a national park or another part of the great outdoors to explore. There’s a kitchen serving up the gourmet fare and S’more making around the campfire at night. You can take private guided excursions during the day, including some awe-inspiring experiences such as lunch on the Grand Canyon rim after a morning of hiking or riding a zipline through the canopy of the Great Smoky Mountains. Whichever option you choose, let’s rediscover America this summer.


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