The Worst Fashion Trends of the Past Decade–Glad to See you Go!!!

The Worst Fashion Trends of the Past Decade–Glad to See you Go!!!

There have been many Do’s and Dont’s for the Fashion Industry through the decades here is my top 5 Don’ts Based a little on age and some based on Style in general.

  1.  Crocs-  “The absolute worst shoe style that ever graced fashion”  First of all they are made of plastic and have absolutely no style unless you are a healthcare professional and work in a hospital.    Worse than just the Crocs is wearing them with Socks.  OMG no.  Glad to see you go.  Keep Stylish Shoes Alive.
  2. Very Low Rise Jeans ” The Muffin Top will come to haunt you”  This style is not good for anybody.  Especially if you have a little extra around the Middle.   A better choice is to wear the jeans slightly below the bellybutton or choose the new higher waisted…Not the Mom jeans of the 80s.   Keep us looking Thin…Away you Go Low Rise!!!
  3. Athleisure Wear-  “Not to be Worn Everywear”   Some of it needs to go like the PJ inspired pants that appeared on the 2012 runways.   Unless you are planning on wearing these only to Bed!!!!
  4. High Low Dresses-  “Please make up your Mind are you a short dress or a long one”  Unless you are appearing on Stage I feel the look is too complicated and not figure-flattering.
  5. Romper “Really”  I believe this trend is dedicated to only those 20 and under.  For the Girls over 40+++ you might need a knee lift to pull this look off…

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