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This is not your Mother’s Menopause

This is not your Mother’s Menopause

Mezza Followers, I am very excited to be introducing to you our Women’s Health Contributor, Emily Durham.  The transition years, as Emily describes in her article are so crucial and this has been a great passion of mine ever since I have been going through it myself.


Emily Durham, Director of Business Development at Integrity Compounding Pharmacy

Emily Durham, MS is the current Director of Business Development for Integrity Compounding Pharmacy in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Emily attended Arizona State University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in global health in 2012 and her Master of Science degree in health care delivery in 2015. In addition to her current role, she serves as the Chair of the Board at Georgia Pharmacy Association’s Academy of Pharmacy Technicians and serves on the planning board for the Georgia Integrative Health Coalition.

Over the last decade, Emily has served in a variety of clinical, consulting, and business development roles within the pharmaceutical and compounding industry. She was chosen two years in a row to speak at the Concierge Medicine Today conference in Atlanta, speaking on the importance of compounding and prescribing trends. Emily works closely with the pharmacists at Integrity Compounding Pharmacy to provide patients with the highest quality of compounding and innovative therapies.

Integrity Compounding Pharmacy is a 503-A compounding pharmacy located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. They are PCAB accredited, and current members of PCCA, IACP, and GPhA. Their pharmacists and staff are trusted by Atlanta physicians to provide the highest quality care and compounded medications. All their medications are tailored for each individual patient as specified by the physician.


Dr. Michelle Fischer, Owner, and Physician at Wellness from Within

Dr. Fischer received her B.S./M.S. in Biochemistry, with Honors, from Stanford University, her M.D. from the University of Wisconsin, and her Residency in General Surgery from UCSF/Saint Mary’s Hospital in San Francisco. She was board certified in General Surgery and was a practicing trauma surgeon for 5 years before changing her focus to Women’s Health in 1992. 

Dr. Fischer characterizes her practice method as “fostering wellness from within” because it is proactive and patient-centered, root-cause versus symptom-focused and wellness-fostering versus disease treatment oriented.  Her passion and thus her mission is to empower her clients with the “tools” to optimize their wellness and promote their own healthy aging. Her practice involves all aspects of women’s and men’s primary care, office gynecology, bio-identical hormone balancing, salivary and functional testing, detoxification, overall wellness evaluations, risk reduction/life skills counseling, and preventative medicine.


Most women get to a certain point in life when they begin to debate what is the root cause of my weight gain, lack of interest, mood swings. Your mother’s generation would tell you that this is just a normal part of aging as a woman. The modern woman does not settle for normal aging.

On our quest to understand aging and women’s health, we found ourselves at one of Atlanta’s most established destinations for anti-aging, Wellness from Within. Dr. Michelle Fischer is the medical director and hormone guru of Wellness from Within. Before hormone replacement therapy was glamorized by Suzanne Sommers in the early 2000s, Dr. Fischer has challenged traditional therapies and has practiced the art of hormone replacement therapy. 

If you search the internet for hormone imbalances, you will find a tremendous amount of information and conflicting theories. Due to this information overload, we asked Dr. Fischer, what are the top complaints when a woman comes to you for hormone help?  She explained, “…they all have similar themes…dysfunctional bleeding (irregular periods) and mood swings (PMS)…”. Doctors have been known to discredit these early signs, and this may lead women down a road of frustration and suffering.

Menopause is a natural decline in hormones within the body. Dr. Fischer explains that menopause is not a point in time, yet it is a transition period. When I asked Dr. Fischer what she wishes women knew about menopause, she replied, “I think a lot of women do not realize that hormonal imbalances occur many years before menopause…and the transition towards menopause can be made a lot more comfortable and graceful by restoring balance during that transitional period.”.

*Always consult with your own healthcare providers first.  To balanced health always Mezza Ladies!!!!


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