This Week on “In the Burbs” A new online Talk Show

This Week on  “In the Burbs”  A new online Talk Show
Please join us Wednesday, Sept 18 at 4:00 as we interview comedienne, Andy Gunnin and owner and founder of Because Mom!
In 2018, Andy decided to follow his dream of being a stand-up comic. He took the stage at The Punchline in Atlanta and hasn’t looked back since. We discuss some of his adventures and we will reminisce about our favorite decade, the 80’s.
Carolina Ryan is a 29- -year old Georgia native with a 10 -year old son. Her passion is connecting women at all stages of life. We will discuss motherhood, marriage,  mom confessions and the influence of social media as we tackle the issues.
Hope you can watch/listen on the or you can watch as we livestream on our In The Burbs Facebook page.
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