A Throw Back to the Past the Lowes Don CeSar Hotel

A Throw Back to the Past the Lowes Don CeSar Hotel

I have had the pleasure of visiting this Hotel several times.    I was just there only two weeks ago and as always it is always up to my expectations.    The Don CeSar has a wonderfully rich history to it.   In 1924 Thomas Rowe the original owner purchased 80 acres of land in St. Petersburg Florida  to build his dream “Pink Castle.”  The hotel officially opened in January 1928.   The Don was a host to many of the Elite in Tampa and St. Pete.  It  quickly became the playground to such Jazz Age icons as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Al Capone,  Lou Gehrig, and even Franklin D. Roosevelt.  During the  Great Depression years, it was the home to the NY Yankees baseball team during their spring training.   During WWII the hotel was bought by the  Army and was used as a Hospital and then a Veterans Administration building.   It was finally sold in 1972 to a Holiday Inn Franchise owner.    From 1985-2001 it went through major renovations which include today a 4,000 square foot spa; one of my favorite places in the hotel.   Today the  Don CeSar is owned by the Lowes Hotel Group.

It is because of this amazing history that I am drawn to come to this Pink Hotel each season to recharge, relax and dream of those days when all the  guests would dress for dinner and listen to the sounds of the ocean and the jazz music playing in the background.    Mezza followers join me at the  Don CeSar for a throw back to the past….


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