Summer Style By Ilysse Moss- The Mezza’s Fashion Psychologist

The most important aspect of fashion, especially in the summer, is to have fun with it, be comfortable, wear breathable fabrics and dress for the appropriate occasion.  You are allowed to have a carefree attitude that transfers to your style, but be appropriate for whatever venue. Several styles are trending, especially in the the accessory world.

Victorian inspired sleeves are still trending in every kind of garment: blouses, jumpsuits, dresses, and even bathing suits! This 19th century inspired oversized sleeve adds a feminine touch with the illusion of a slimmer waistline.  My recommendation is to go for softer or pastel colors when pulling off this trend.  However, if you feel risky and want a really dramatic look, you might consider wearing black or grey sleeves to embrace a more gothic look. Pull out your vintage puff sleeve look from the 80’s and pair it with shorts, jeans or skirts too.

Printed tops and bottoms are also cool for summer.  Try the same print on bottom and top, for a bold eye catching look.  Your personal style can carry over into the print of your choice to display a romantic, bohemian or classic look.  You also can choose to streamline your entire look with one color tone in various textures. Mix the same color tone with lace, embroidery or appliqué.

Beside sunglasses, there are many playful ways to accessorize this summer. Shoes or sandals worn with trousers are interesting and quite fashion forward.  Wrap a strappy pair of heels or sandals over jeans, slacks or cigarette pants. This will surely keep you turning heads.  Combat boots with a feminine “flowy” dress are definitely not a new look. This 90’s grunge look with chunky boots and a girly or maxi dress, with a cinched waistline, is a cool contrast to boy meets girl. Hats are also stylish, but provide sun protection too. Particularly bucket hats are trendy and cute this season.   These hats are comfortable, cooling and can be a great way to complete your outfit. You can wear bucket hats with anything from shorts and a tee to a classic dress. Use soft neutral shades or pastel colors to compliment your look. If a bucket style hat is not your thing, then try a bucket bag instead.  These types of bags originated in 1932 by Louis Vuitton to keep champagne fresh. However, now they are the hottest accessory trend this summer.  These bags come in all sizes and shapes; they can be long body or round shapes.  It is fun to pick playful colors to accent your outfits. These bucket bags are practical and very functional too.

Have fun designing your summer outfits to match your outdoor plans!  Take risks with your clothing as we stay safe and healthy


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