Travel Tips for the Family Road Trip By: Sheila Johnson

Travel Tips for the Family Road Trip By:  Sheila Johnson

Travel Tips to Help You Squeeze All the Good Out of a Family Road Trip

Sheila Johnson is back with the Mezza this month with some great Family Road Trip ideas you can take with you this summer when traveling with your kids and the grandkids too!!!

Whether you are planning for a week or a lifetime, there are many great things about traveling. But, when you’re traveling with kids, it helps to know tips and tricks that can make it a more pleasant experience for everyone. Keep reading this blog post presented by Mezza Reviews for a few things you can do to ensure that your road trip creates nothing but positive memories.

Address the issue of sleep.

Sleeping can be difficult on the road. This may be especially true for kids is the excitement can keep them up well into the evening hours. But, kids need to sleep; otherwise, they’re cranky and unpleasant at best. Make sure to keep a consistent sleep schedule and make everyone’s sleeping arrangements comfortable and cozy.

Leave stress behind.

The entire reason to take a vacation is so that you can enjoy your time away from work. But, if you truly want to get the most out of it, you have to deal with stress before you hit the road. Know your triggers and then take steps to sidestep strain. This might include exercising or simply learning how to breathe to slow down your heart rate.

Pack right.

Your destination determines what you will pack for everyday wear. But, while you’re on the road, make sure that you have comfortable clothing, like a cozy pair of leggings or, for the nighttime hours, a plush robe. The Savored Journeys blog offers a few packing tips for women and suggestions on versatile pieces that can go anywhere.

Step off the beaten path.

Most people head straight for the tourist traps. However, that’s probably not the best use of your vacation time. Instead, give the kids something to really talk about by taking them to travel destinations that don’t get the hype they deserve. A few similar examples include Solvang, California, and Helen, Georgia. Each looks like an Alpine village and will offer a unique travel experience, whether you’re closer to the West Coast or plan to travel throughout the southern United States.

Visit historical sites.

You can also turn your trip into an educational experience by visiting national historic places, such as the Harriet Tubman National Park in Auburn, New York. Other ideas include colonial Williamsburg, Alcatraz Island, Hearst Castle, and Yosemite National Park.

Gamify Your Trip

Something else you can do to keep the kids engaged is to gamify your time on the road. You can do this by downloading apps, like State Bingo and Road Trip. These can give your kids something to keep their attention while they’re riding around with nothing else to do.

Other Travel Tips

  • Let the kids choose at least one activity on each trip. This can help them feel as though they are in some control, and will give them something special to look forward to.
  • Look online at potential spots before you go. You can use Google Earth to get a comprehensive view of the area that you’re about to travel to, which might help you avoid things you don’t want to see or find alternate routes that make your trip more interesting. You might even find something interesting you hadn’t thought of.
  • Know the weather. Even if you’re only traveling a few hours away from home, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever may come. Ideally, you can check the weather and pack appropriately a day or two before the trip.

Traveling with kids isn’t always easy. While they might feel squeezed in, you can squeeze the most out of your trip by prioritizing sleep and making your time on the road an offbeat and educational experience for everyone.

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