Celebrate Milestones in Style By: Brianna Korb of Sculpted Escapes

Celebrate Milestones in Style Milestones they’re how we mark the big moments in life. We gather to celebrate our accomplishments, including making another trip around the sun, and celebrating with our favorite people makes it all the sweeter. For many of us, the milestones are coming in bunches now because we couldn’t party the way we wanted for the last two years. But we’re fast making up for the lost time. Whether it’s a big, round-number birthday, graduation, or just being able to do marvelous activities once again, these are some of our favorite ways to celebrate.

Charter a yacht

Depending on the size of your crew, you can keep it intimate with a two- or three-cabin vessel with The Moorings or bring the whole family and friend group along on a charter with SeaDream and its 112-guest capacity. It’s still small enough to call at the smaller and less-traveled ports in the Caribbean, making for the perfect island-hopping adventure. The crew will tend to your every need, and there are toys galore to take out in the water. Nothing makes turning 50 feel good like a beach barbecue with your favorite people.

Rent a private island

You like the idea of the sea views, the golden sand, and the staff catering to your every whim, but you’re not so keen on the whole boat aspect. We get it. What about a private island? There’s a little more room to roam and unlimited beach time. The chefs don’t miss a trick, and your evenings end with sumptuous dinners that make you want to get up and do it again the next day.

Tennis week

Say you and your friends are a little more competitive with each other. You don’t want to sit around eating and lounging all day; you want to work up a sweat and experience the thrill of victory. Antigua’s Curtain Bluff hosts several special tennis weeks throughout the year, including Tennis Challenge Week each November, hosted by former Davis Cup player Dick Stockton. Once you finish vanquishing your friends, remember a five-star beach resort surrounds you. Maybe you can buy them a spa treatment to say no hard feelings.

Private bike or hike trip

You can keep the activity with a little less competition and a little more wine. Backroads and DuVine offer great biking and hiking tours, including several in the Napa, Sonoma, and Alexander valleys of California. You can privatize them, so it’s just your group; go at your own pace and revel in some of the most beautiful surroundings you’ll ever see. Do it over a long weekend or take a week and unwind with stops at some of the most celebrated wineries in the region.

Rent a ski chalet

OK, your significant milestone happens in the winter, and you’re more of a ski bunny anyway. There are plenty of ski villas and chalets to choose from in the Rockies, the Alps, or the Andes if you want to add some international flare. Friends and family will toast you as king or queen of the mountain, and you’ll get to lounge fireside after a lovely day out on the slopes. Many Virtuoso-preferred ski resorts also offer activities such as guided stargazing to make the most of your time in the mountains.

Spa weekend

Not everybody can get away for an entire week, crossing the country or the globe. In that case, a lovely, relaxing weekend full of massages, spa treatments, and wellness classes is just the thing. Virtuoso-preferred resorts such as the Lodge at Woodloch, Miraval, and Canyon Ranch are easily within reach, so you can head straight there and relax. Spending quality time with the people you love most in the World that’s  the way to celebrate the significant milestones in your life.



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