The Ultimate Candy Shop….Happy Halloween

The Ultimate Candy Shop….Happy Halloween

Dylan’s Candy Bar which was the brainchild of Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren, is a merging of the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with candy.  Dylan’s mission is” to awake the inner child in everyone.”  The flagship store in NYC is like walking into a modern-day “Willie Wonka’s factory.”   You will be surrounded by such sights as the oversized lollipop tree ,candy columns, dripping chocolate shelves, and candy-embedded staircases.   The Candy Bar houses over 7,000 pieces of confections.  There are also candy inspired lifestyle products such as stationery, toys, jewelry, handbags and more.  Besides the flagship store in NYC, there are many other locations around the country.   So Mezza followers, if you can’t get to Dylan’s today then the next best thing is your bucket of candy for Halloween!!!



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