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Valentines Day Reads

Valentines Day Reads
Mezza Ladies a little something from Mom Blog Society for Valentines Day!!!!

Romance Novel Loves-A Book For you!

The recent revelation that Jeff Bezos has a girlfriend, didn’t go down too well with his wife…After all, the richest man in the world…who built a juggernaut of a business turns out to be like most middle-aged men. Looking for love in all the wrong places. “Evidence of Love,” by bestselling author Stevens is, “A quick, jaw-dropping read,” Kirkus Reviews. “Stevens debut novel features entitlement, adultery, mystery and murder but …little evidence of love..

For women/Mom’s/girlfriends who are romance novel lovers, book club joiners or just love to curl up with a good book… Evidence of Love,” by bestselling author by Stevens is a great choice. “In this thriller, wealthy, willowy 25 year old Carly Irons is putting pressure on her 55 year old, moneyed lover, Kirk Sarns, to leave his wife. Carly doesn’t just want Kirk she also wants a specific stunning Beau Arts prewar Park Avenue apartment. Her parents are famous cardiologists to the stars but Carly later distances herself from them after her mother is murdered and she finds out she is sleeping with her college boyfriend and her father is only consumed with the fact that he is under investigation for her mother’s murder. Carly uses her looks and sex to get what she thought…she…was due.

“It is often riveting and sometimes a deeply disturbing story of the ultra-rich and youth-obsessed.”


Evidence of Love,” by bestselling author Mark Stevens

evidence of love

Think “Girl On The Train,” and “Big Little Lies.

Visit: Dr Available on Amazon $11.99

Stevens is quick, witty and charismatic, a great storyteller, bestselling author of “Your Marketing Sucks,” and 25 business books. Stevens decided to write a novel after reading several. After an epiphany that he could make up the rules, as he went along, he took a stab at it. Stevens is an experienced media guest (TV, Radio, and Print) and he has spoken to major organizations.

Bestselling author Mark Stevens goes Indie and writes first children’s book and novel.

Mark Stevens LinkedIn has 30k followers:


Sky’s Amazing Dream

Voted “Best Children’s Book for Elementary School-Aged Children” by…“Sky’s Amazing Dream” by bestselling author Mark Stevens is about his Golden Retriever Sky. It is filled with appealing fantasies, a hot air balloon that takes sad/lonely kids to their happy times and the castle that shows free movies along with a complimentary serving of popcorn and candy. Photos in the book do a nice job of showing the real dog SKY turning rocks into gold, making Ferris Wheels appear and giving Xboxes and smartphones to children who cannot afford these luxuries. “The ability of dogs to connect emotionally with humans turns out to be the real magic of this sweet little story.” KIRKUS REVIEWS


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