Waist Up Dressing in the Age of Zoom

Waist Up Dressing in the Age of Zoom

Thank you Zoom for reviving the Waist-Up Look first popular in the 1930.  Yes, you heard me the 1930’s.  Everything old is new again.  The 30’s was all about the birth of Hollywood’s Golden age, Surrealism and Cafe Socitety.  This Cafe Society was all about “conscious women who were very concerned about their public image and what they looked like in the society Columns”.   A quote from Andrew Bolton who is a British museum curator and current head curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institue in New York City.    With the recent Pandemic, we have now become the  Gen Z Generation for Zoom.  The Zoom conference has not only been used for meetings but social gatherings as well.   We have never been so glued to our computers.    Now most are taking this time of working at home to be more casual and that is certainly great but when you have your scheduled meeting sitting in a tank top or your PJs is just not going to fly.   So incomes and old trend called waist- up dressing.    That means great blouses and certainly amazing jackets.   Have fun with that especially ones that have embellishments for that Zoom Cocktail experience.    This fall don’t be surprised to see more eye up pieces with exaggerated shoulders and other details.   It’s now the Party on Top and maybe your favorite yoga pant on the bottom no one will know.  Here are some Tips to Follow:

o Don’t do overly bright or really dark-does not translate well with the camera

o  Pastels, neutrals and cool shades of blue

o  Avoid busy patterns such as stripes, animal prints, and plaid.

o Pick well-fitting jackets

o A great necklace always

See you next time on Zoom!!!!


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