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We are All Wonderwomen!!!!!

We are All Wonderwomen!!!!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018…As most of us look toward the future one of the most popular goals is to lose that 10-20 pounds.   We start off strong going to the gym and watching everything that goes into our mouth.  After about a month of this some of us give up and the cycle continues.   Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Executive Director of Edin, Ms. Marci Soran.  Edin stands for Eating Disorders Information Network.   Ms. Soran said something to me that really hit home “wouldn’t it be nice if we just accepted our bodies as is and enjoy ourselves and our relationship with food.”  I know I am a retired size 6, postmenopausal, and at times, I long for my 20 -year- old body but I love to savor and eat great food and drink great wine.  I also enjoy working out.  So why not stop the madness!!! Eating disorders is a very crucial issue with not only young adults but everyone.   Edin was started over 20 years ago by Atlanta psychologist, Dina Zeckhausen.  Dina wanted to create an easy way to get information out to the public on eating disorders as well as reduce the stigma around this issue.  Today, Marci and her team continue to spread the word about how to love our bodies.   From education, awareness to early intervention.     The next few months, I will be reporting through the Mezza about this very important and wonderful organization.   Starting in February with “Love your Body” to April where Edin will be hosting a Charity Event Dancing with the Stars  April 19th here in Atlanta at the fabulous Stave Room.  So Mezza followers stay tuned for more information….PS to my ladies we are all Wonderwomen!!!!10378910_10152127247588016_1351744089206373487_n


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