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Grown Up Art

A few years ago two dear friends introduced us to the idea of owning real art.   I guess you could say we had this college dorm mindset about buying  art.   We were fine with the  prints and posters that occupied the walls .   Then on a visit to our friend’s home I finally got what they were saying.  Every room had a beautiful piece of Art in it.     Tranquil scenes with birds and tall trees lined their walls.    A calm and relaxed feeling came over me by  just sitting and looking at one of their paintings.   The next step was how do we find the art that we like.   We were then introduced to SEWE (South Eastern Wildlife Exposition)  This is an art festival that is held once a year in February in beautiful Charleston South Carolina.     What a great way to explore our new found hobby.  At the festival we  got to stroll down the many isles of artists where we got to talk to them and ask questions about their work.  The festival is not the only place for art in Charleston.   The streets are full of great galleries.     One day we decided to explore the famous King Street in Charleston.   Here is where we met our Art soulmate.    His art really spoke to us.   His name is Rick Reinert.  Along with his own impressionist style paintings he also represents more than 40 other accomplished artists.

This visit we could not resist buying two Michele Byrne pieces from Rick’s gallery.   The cafe scene’s were actually painted on location in Cuba.   How cool is that!!!   So buying art, Mezza followers, should be an experience.   Here’s to Grown Up Art!!!


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