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The White Box…..A Planner….A Tool……For the Wedding of your Dreams

The White Box…..A Planner….A Tool……For the Wedding of your Dreams

First I want to say congratulations on your Daughter or Son getting married or maybe it’s you….After the excitement wears off the wedding of your child’s dream or yours is now upon you.  What do you do????  The average wedding takes 150-200 hours to plan.  Can you fit it into your busy schedule ?  Do you panic and call the wedding planner that you got off of the internet which could run into thousands of dollars!!!!  Well, Mezza followers I have the answer; The White Box.  Meet Carrie and Michelle.  They are industry experts, obsessed with all things in design.   When it comes to weddings, they get it.  They have over 15 years collectively in this field.  Carrie and Michelle will curate a custom wedding plan just for you or your kids and deliver it to your door in a just a few short weeks.  This will save you time and keep you in your budget(Yeah).  You will relax and feel confident about your plan and the days leading up to your special day.  What is in the Box:

  1.  Your custom inspiration board:  This will have images of the overall look of the wedding  (bonus it fits in your purse)
  2.  Event Rental Mood Board:  (also fits in your purse)
  3.  Proposed Venue Layout:  this will come in handy when talking to your florist
  4.  Budget:  Your Fiance or Dad will love this.  Your entire day is  broken down
  5.  Day of Timeline
  6.  Catering Menu:  A sample menu based on your likes, dislikes, and budget (take this to your  Caterer)
  7.  Signature drink recipe
  8.  Little White book: your go-to checklist
  9.  Linen and invitation samples:  (3-5) included
  10.  A note to the Bride

Wow what a deal for only 299.00 .   It is now on special for 50% off which makes it 149.00  This would definitely be my first stop to planning that big day!!!! For more information please visit: . To all my June Brides- to- be  happy planning from the Mezza and The White Box!!!!



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