The Woman Behind the Princess

The Woman Behind the Princess

I never knew Princess Diana, but like many of us who were in our 20s during the 80s, we lived through her era. When I  married in 1983, the style, of course, was volume, taffeta and puffy sleeves. So every girl getting married in the 80’s was truly inspired by the flare and style of Diana. As we all know, “the clothes trace her metamorphosis from frilly princess through the Dynasty Di years to the woman on her own,” as quoted from Harper’s Bazaar. What many people might not know is the great designer and friend to Diana, Ms. Catherine Walker. Ms. Walker began her clothing career selling children’s clothes. She later moved into designing for women and specializing in high-end evening dresses. In 1976, she set up her own company—Chelsea Design Company on Sydney Street in Chelsea, London. Catherine’s professional relationship with Diana began three months after Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 and lasted until her death sixteen years later. Ms. Walker designed approximately 1,000 dresses for Diana. She was able to meet the complex demands of protocol and style. Today, Catherine’s husband continues the tradition of being one of the finest couture houses in London. Sadly, Catherine passed away September 2010. Her royal highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has also been a client of Catherine Walker designs. Mezza girls if you would like to feel a bit royal yourself, I suggest you take a look at Catherine Walker & Co. I am so glad I was able to bring forward to you the woman behind the  Princess! If you want more information click here.


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