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I am Woman Hear me Roar….

I am Woman Hear me Roar….

From the hit song ” I am Woman” from Helen Reddy back in 1972 to the parade of Movie Stars that have spoken out recently in Hollywood to back in time when Susan B Anthony fought for women’s rights in the 1800’s….We are Women and we are Strong.  Today, I had the pleasure of meeting some amazingly strong women right here in Atlanta.     Ms. Julia McDermott who is the author of domestic psychological suspense novels.    “Daddy’s Girls”  and “Underwater.”  Besides being bright and charming Ms. McDermott invited me into her den and began telling me about her most recent nonfiction “All the Above: My Son’s Battle with Brain Cancer.   I thought to myself how strong this woman was to have not only went through this life-changing event with her son but then to write about it and express her most inner thoughts while she went through a parent’s nightmare.   Another fantastic charming woman was also in the room Ms. Linda Sands who is the award-winning author of four novels.   Her short stories and essays have appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.   Linda’s life approach has been to “live each day to the fullest, say yes more than no, to travel to places she has never seen, take jobs she never had and hang out with people she may never have met.”   This type of thinking is sure to fuel her writing.   I found Ms. Sands full of life.   So where was I when I ran into these very strong amazing women,  Well I was standing in a Kitchen at a  home purse and jewelry party !!!!  This group also included Marci Soran Head of Edin, Eating Disorder Information Network, and Nancy Flaherty editor and writer for “Grace In Paris”  a wonderful French inspired online Magazine and me of course!!!  Wow what a group to find in the Kitchen and so excited to be networking with these Power Girls….We are Women Hear us Roar!!!!!   This post is part of my March dedication to the Power Woman…. Mezza Girls let me know what you are doing to be Powerful….send your comments to [email protected]….can’t wait to hear from all of you.


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