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Women and Men are Not the Same By: Sheila Johnson

Women and Men are Not the Same By:  Sheila Johnson

I am very excited to be introducing to the Mezza Audience Sheila Johnson.   Sheila is a fellow blogger and we have decided to collaborate due to our similar platforms.    Just a little background on Sheila:  She was a success story in the Corporate World, but her health was another story.   She has since left the Corporate World to start her own business, on her own schedule.  She has seen so much personal success with her own health and wellness routine that she wanted to share it by creating

She hopes that sharing her story will also help others. too.   I would like to mention that before you start any new health routine that you contact your doctor first.    Now here is Sheila…..

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Women and Men Are Not the Same — Here’s How to Stay Healthy

Women’s bodies are vastly different from men’s, and we need to approach our health in a considerably focused way as a result. We have periods, get pregnant, give birth, nurse, etc. Some even argue our genetics inherently hold traits that are more conducive to empathy and nurturing.

Looking after ourselves is critical to a long, happy, and healthy life. If you’d like to stick around for a long time, read on. Let’s discuss why women need to pay particular attention to diet, fitness, and recovery — and how to do exactly that.

Eat Well, But Make it Tasty

Eating right is the cornerstone of living a healthy life. Vegetables are crucial, but many of us fail to eat enough. Many individuals are accustomed to eating a “meat and potatoes” diet. This may be traditional, but red meat has been linked to various health concerns, while excessive starch isn’t great for you either.

A healthy diet is critical to keep diabetes, heart disease, and excess weight at bay as we mature. If eating more vegetables, fruits, and legumes sounds dull, you may be surprised how delicious nutritious meals can be, even with less meat. The fact is, you don’t need red meat three meals a day — much less, seven days a week.

A few easy healthy meals include:

Get Moving

Movement is critical to staying healthy. Not only is it vital that we exercise, but doing so regularly is often more manageable than cramming in one or two hard workouts a week — and it’ll feel easier, too. Medical experts agree that maintaining a bit of daily exercise, such as stretching or even walking, can work wonders for your physical and mental health.

Many individuals assume that working out is only for our bodies — a pursuit of vanity. While a body that better fits into societal standards may be a perk, the practice of exercising and regular production of endorphins is essential to leading a happy life. Not only does exercise serve our bodies, but it gives us a sense of accomplishment and momentum. Our intimate relationship with our physical strength helps us to face life with confidence and power.

Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming, but technology can make it simple. With the touch of a button, you could be working out in the comfort of your own home in a way that’s rewarding and social. Fitness apps like Peloton offer online communities to keep you accountable and even allow you to compete with friends if you enjoy a little harmless competition.

You can access various fitness routines from your phone, including stretching, yoga, or pilates — through a platform or app, a voice or video will guide you through exercises. If your phone is due for an update to run these apps, many companies offer trade-in services so you don’t break your budget.

Time to Breathe

Self-care has become quite the buzzword lately, and for a good reason — we all need time to rest our bodies and relax our brains. We may live in a hyper-competitive world, but you won’t be fully equipped to keep up with it if you don’t look after yourself. There is wisdom in knowing when to let yourself have a mellow day of television on the couch or a peaceful night on your own. Self-care can even look like treating yourself to a massage, new clothes, a trip, or a weekend of solitude and facials. Whatever it takes to recharge, it’s your prerogative — and you’ll be better for family, friends, and yourself by doing so.

Looking after yourself as a woman can be tricky. The world often teaches us to put others first. However, no one knows how to make us happy but ourselves, and we have to look out for number one.

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