Your Essential Closet This Fall

Your Essential Closet This Fall

I know its burning hot out there but Fall will be coming around the Corner.  Now is the time to sit in your air-conditioned home and look through that closet of yours.   Do you have the basics for the upcoming season?    Why not take everything that does not fit well has holes in it and it was from two decades ago and donate to your favorite Charity.  Right here in Atlanta there is a great organization called the Sandy Springs Community Assistance Center.   But please don’t donate things that have holes or stains on them.    For those items,  the circular file will do aka (Your Garbage Can.)  Now back to our Essential Closet for Fall:   Here is what I am suggesting for you…

Number 1:  The Suit- It may be black or something Chanel Esq like the Picture above.   Compliments of the New York Carlisle line

Number 2:  The Great White Shirt:  You must get one every season due to the discoloration that white can go through when washed too often or drycleaned.   Again from the Carlisle Line I love the Porta, Althea or the Andover

Number 3:  Statement Print Blouses or scarfs:   This upcoming Fall season its all about the Statement Print Blouse.  If the blouse is too much try a scarf.

Number 4:  A great Parisienne Jacket-Longer in Length Neutral Black back to Grey goes with everything!!!!

Number 5:  A pop of Color:  Either a blazer or a great cardigan set.   This is the season for brights as well.

Number 6:  Jeans:  I love my jeans paired back to a fabulous jacket, sweater or blouse.  Take your outfit from Day to Night.  This season Cabi has a hot jean out there.  Contact Ilysse Moss our Fashion Psychologist for more info on the Cabi line this coming season.   [email protected]  So there you have it girls your Essentials for your Fall Closet!!!


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