Your Floating Hotel

Your Floating Hotel

Floating Hotels:  Cruise Ships

The article was written by our Travel Contributor to the Mezza, Brianna Korb of Sculpted Escapes

When people think about cruises they either love them or hate them.  Travelers in the know don’t think of the cruise as their vacation, but rather a mode of transportation for their vacation.  Just like any mode of transportation let your travel advisor do research about what cruise is right for you and your destination.

My husband and I have been on LOTS of cruises.  We take winter cruises to the Caribbean to get away from cold weather for a while.  We took a cruise in December to South America and were able to view the New Year’s Eve fireworks on Copacabana beach from our ship.  We did not have to fight the crowd of 2.4 million people on the beach.  We were able to watch the show from our balcony.  Cruise lines know that passengers want to see the festivals that happen all over the world, but do not want to have to pay the inflated rates of limited hotel rooms.  So they incorporate those festivals into the itineraries. 

Culture festivals are not the only things that create routes for cruise ships.  Animal migrations and large populations of specific animals also draw cruise ships and their passengers to different parts of the world at different times.  We have visited Iceland in the summer and have seen several species of whales on one whale watching tour.

Unlike land hotels that only provide you with a room once your day has concluded.  Cruise ships offer nightly entertainment that guests can choose to partake in or they can choose to retire peacefully to their room, to prepare for another day of adventure. 

A common misconception is dealing with crowds onboard a cruise ship.  Yes, large ocean liners do exist.  But there are also cruise ships that hold a couple of hundred guests or less!  And their guest to crew ratio is 2 to 1.  These smaller ships are usually found cruising on rivers or to more remote locations in the form of expedition cruises.  Once again if you consider the cruise ship as a form of transportation it makes logical sense for a smaller, more intimidate ship taking you to these destinations.

So when you start to think about your next vacation.  Talk to your travel advisor about a cruise.  They will be able to explain the different types of cruises available and select one that is perfect for you.

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