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Your Subconscious and Your Health: By Jacqueline Grund and Angel Joy of Zen Spa

Your Subconscious and Your Health:  By Jacqueline Grund and Angel Joy of Zen Spa

 Your Subconscious and Your Health:  By Jacqueline Grund and Angel Joy


How many of us connect the dots to good health by also being aware of our subconscious?     What we think and say can impact your overall well being.   I am very excited to be introducing to our Mezza Audience,   Angel Joy of Zen Spa located in the Highlands of North Carolina. 

This month on the Mezza  we are devoting the entire blog to Health and Wellness.   January should be looked at as the cleansing month and not the month that comes after all the parties and fun of December but as a month to reset.  In this post,   I am sharing  with all of you my experience at Zen Spa.   A few months ago, my husband and I experienced the power of not only Zen Spa but also the owner and therapist Angel Joy.   This was no usual massage, this was an experience that made you dig deep into who you are, what you are thinking and why you might have those pains in your body.    She gave each of us a health profile that also included why we were having joint issues, breathing issues, back, neck pain,  etc.    It was East meeting West.  We left not only feeling better, but had a plan on how to stay healthy.  Not just by eating the right foods or working out, but by learning how to think positively.  Negative thinking— be it on oneself self, or others negatively impacts the deep levels of our souls which essentially is the subconscious mind. 


Today, I got a call back from Angel and wanted to tell her that I needed her insights for our next blog.    We began the conversation with my own personal issue of Arthritis.   How many of you out there are also suffering from this joint problem?   Angel proceeded to say that “Your Body is the most important Gift”  She also said any negative thinking and words can invoke certain hormones leading to toxicity that could invade the joints and organs. This on a continued basis can lead to degeneration and inflammation, therefore certain diseases. What you say and feel is so important to your body.  Angel Joy said, “For example excess worry can lead to cardiac infrastructure / heart attack and or high blood pressure which in turn can bring on a stroke which can further lead to aneurysm which can lead to certain demise.”   In my case it was resentment.    I most recently lost my mom last January.  Now without getting into details, the relationship with my mom was at times a bit hard.  She was a tough lady and expected the best from me.    Her last words to me, however, were “ get out.”  I was with her in her hospital room.    I told this to Angel and she immediately said, “those were not words of hate but of love.” She did not want me to see her die.    Shortly after this experience with my mom, I started to have more severe joint issues.   Angel said it was because I was harboring resentment, thinking that my mom hated me instead of loving me. Our conversation today literally brought me to tears.  But tears of hope.  She even gave me a mantra to say each day concerning this.    So all my ladies out there we need to “ let it go.”   Surrender to love.  We need to think positively and say good words not bad words.  “Words are Powerful” says Angel.  “Anger releases acid to your blood, It is not necessarily good.”  Angel Joy.


In conclusion,  going to Zen Spa by Angel Joy in Highlands of North Carolina will not only refresh your body but your mind as well.     “ Bringing the subconscious into conscious thinking will eventually equate to positive thinking and that will bring the mind, body, and spirit which is essentially the subconscious  into a place of healing.  The subconscious has the ability to eliminate  all traces of disease. This essentially is an example of unconditional LOVE”  Angel Joy.   


 I am also including  more information about Zen Spa and Angel Joy Owner from her website:   Book your appointment this month and  Reset!!!!!







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At Zen Spa, we foster and embrace purity, peace, calmness, tranquility and balance.

Our doors are open mainly to share the noble Eastern philosophical art of balancing. Zen Spas’ style is “Touch Therapy” it is inspired by yin and yang balance theory. You’ll need to experience it, to believe it. We are confident, you will.

We (Zen Spa) wants to help you live your BEST life in 2022, and beyond.

Research shows when the body is out of balance, disease arises. This is due to a high level of stress factors. Research shows stress is one of the contributing factors to high blood pressure, heart disease and cancers. Almost all diseases can be eradicated, (in my opinion.) Simply by balancing of the body through healthy diets, daily exercises and consistent relaxation therapies  — such as spa therapy, yoga, and meditations.

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the bloom behind Blossom

She’s a native of Guyana, a small English speaking country along the Atlantic Ocean in South America. She relocated to North America over two decades ago, and now its home away from home.  

How Zen came into fruition 

It all began in NYC two decades ago, she was accepted with honors into Pace University in New York City. There, she studied and completed degrees in Business Management, Finance and minored in Law. Her initial interest was a life-long career in Investment Banking, Law or Medicine. However, after the terrors of 911, she realized a different path was her calling and moved to Asia in search of tranquility. She wanted more out of life, a simpler life, even. So, she followed her heart into healing touch. — pure positive harmony and healing during those years of recovering from 911. She does not always acknowledge it, but she is a survivor. Several of her co-workers lost their lives at the same investment firm she worked for, Morgan Stanley in the North Tower. It is not a coincidence she survived that faithful day, it was a blessing. Today, she works from that same place of compassion and grace God had extended to her that day. She’s most grateful and humbled to have found her true purpose and passion in life.

Life as she knew it, has changed, she vowed to spend the rest of her life in service to others. Thus, she began researching and studying Eastern Therapy. The journey to Zen began! To her, Zen Spa is truly is a dream came through. The dream continues as she continues to dream magnificently to benefit others.

The pathway of learning…

She relocated back to United States with Eastern training in hands and a mission in mind. She went on to attend and graduated summa cum laude from The Medical Arts School of Medical Massage Therapy in Raleigh, NC, followed by Pre-Med from the University of North Carolina. She now maintains North Carolina State Licensed Body Therapist (10165) and a Nationally Certified, Board Certified Therapist. She holds certifications in modalities in Nuat Boran (Thai-Bodywork), Reflexology, Deep Asian, Fertility, Qi-Gong, Ashiatsu to name a few. She continues the dedication to the art by devoting her time and essences to research and training, seeking worldwide knowledge and wisdom to essentially further unlock the secrets to healing.


Design Zen Spas that will facilitate the purest forms of authentic healing.  Adhered to standards, as well as maintain traditional treatments in the United States as well as other countries in the World. Focusing on therapy that facilitates healing of the mind, body and Spirit.  Equilibrium is essentially achieved as well as rewarded with each attention to detail from Zen Spa’s touch therapy protocols.    Zen Spa champions balance through the art of therapeutic healing, and healthy lifestyles. We encourage healthy  choices, enhances longevity and boosts natural vigor.

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